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Starting from 18 March 2013 visa applications can be submitted directly to the VIA Center (Visa Information and Application Center), a specific desk for users located in the area of Metro Manila managed by PIASI (Philippine Audiotext Interactive Services Inc.), the external services provider authorized by the Embassy.Since several years already, PIASI offers also a door-to-door service for withdrawing and delivering applications and passports by courier, meant to meet the needs of applicants residing outside Metro Manila.

To schedule an appointment through PIASI you can call the numbers listed on the website (see sect. 3 for costs).

The assessment and decision on visa applications transmitted through PIASI are totally attributable to the Visa Office of the Embassy. No operator of the Visa Information and Application Center (PIASI) is entitled or has capacity to determine and/or influence the outcome of a visa application.

Alternatively, the visa application can be submitted directly to the Visa Section of the Embassy by booking - well in advance - an appointment through the function BOOK YOUR VISIT on this website of the Embassy.

Finally, in exceptional or emergency cases, the appointment can be requested by sending an email to or by calling the telephone number 02-8156527.

Visa applications for Adoption, Medical Treatment and Family Reunion of family members of EU citizens shall receive special attention and priority, and may be submitted without appointment directly to the Visa Section Office during office hours.

The Office of the Embassy of Italy in Manila open for the submission of these applications on Monday and Wednesday from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 17.30; on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Offices are open from 9.00 to 14.00.

There are no authorized brokers: should an offer of mediation or an attempt to influence the granting of a visa (or to obtain an appointment) occur, it is recommended to immediately inform the Embassy.


The Embassy invites all applicants to submit their visa application personally. Please note that those who opt for availing of the PIASI courier service may be invited anytime to come for an interview, in person, at the Embassy.

For each application, 1 photo ID is required. Every section of the application form downloaded from this website of the Embassy must be filled in. Passport must be valid for at least three months longer than the expiration date of the requested visa.The list of the requirements and conditions for the issuance of each type of visa as well as information on Schengen and Italian immigration legislation are available on the website of the Embassy and on that of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (, as well as on the external notice boards and leaflets distributed at the Embassy’s Visa Office premises.It is always necessary to attach to the visa application all the documentation required for the specific type of visa. The documents will remain with the Embassy even if the visa is denied.

In any case, the Embassy reserves the right to request, even after the submission of the visa application, further documentation deemed necessary.


3.a) The cost of a visa application (fees corresponding to the administrative costs, due to the Embassy for processing the application and non-refundable) are established, in accordance with the rates in force from January 1, 2012, in:

The administrative costs of the visa must be paid in cash in local currency (PHP) together with the submission of the visa application. European regulations provide that consular fees for visas correspond to "administrative expenses" to be received in any case, regardless of whether or not the visa is granted.

Services offered by Piasi:

If the applicant intends to avail of the outsourcing services provided by PIASI, it will be necessary to sustain other fees (additional to the fees due to the Embassy as per sec. 4.a), depending on the required services. In particular:

Services offered by PIASI must be paid directly to the company, through the modalities indicated on the website

NB: No other hidden costs beyond those above mentioned have to be shouldered by the applicant. The demand for money, for whatever reason, in exchange for promises of facilitation in order to obtain a visa, constitutes a serious breach of law and it is subject to criminal prosecution.

The Visa Office handles the issuance of visas allowing applicants entrance into Italy or the EU. Office personnel are available to the public for consultation on what type of visa to apply for.

Beginning 14 november 2013 the Visa Office of the Italian Embassy will start working with the VIS

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