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2nd International Silent Film Festival 26 August - 8 September 2008
Cabiria, 4 September 2008 - Shangri-la Plaza

11/08/2008 - As the Italian entry to the Manila Second International Silent Film Festival, the Embassy of Italy presents Cabiria.  Cineastes  should  not miss  the  1914  Italian  classic  Cabiria,  directed  by  Giovanni  Pastrone with intertitles written by Italian poet Gabriele d’Annunzio.  The film is the story of a girl, Cabiria, who is separated from her parents during the Punic Wars in the Third Century B.C. In her odyssey through the  world  of  ancient  Rome,  she  observes  the  eruption  of  Mt.  Etna, endures capture by pirates, views the barbaric splendor of Carthage, and witnesses  both  human  sacrifice  and  Hannibal  crossing  the  Alps.    Cabiria will be screened on Thursday, 4 september 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at the Shang Cineplex Cinema 1, Shangri-la Plaza.   The film is accompanied by the music of DJ Caliph8 (with Malek Lopez and Matt Deegan).

Caliph8, a.k.a. Arvin Nogueras, is a beat smith, graffiti purveyor, and soothsayer.   For more than a decade now, he has been active in the music scene, the local hip-hop culture in particular. A graduate of the UP College of Fine Arts, his interests and activities also extend to the visual arts—celebrating hip-hop culture traditions by merging his influences with other art forms.   As a sound collagist and vinyl archeologist, he has a background in true school hip-hop, funk, soul, break beats, rare grooves, exotica, kraut rock, jazz, and psychedelia. His audio production process entails a lot of note sampling, rhythm and texture manipulation, sequencing and drum programming.   He is a founding member of the leftfield hip-hop collective A.M.P.O.N., electronica outfit Drip, and was part of Downearf back in 1997. He is also a member of the Gangan Orchestra (composed of 16 of the best local improvising sound artists, electronic DJs and musicians). Caliph8 also works with Minister Zero and Sgt. Vez in the monthly vinyl excursion called Expansions Now.   He has also done live film scoring excursions such as Golem with Drip, Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (in collaboration with electronica duo Rubber Inc and Blums Borres), and the 1926 animated silent film Die Abenteur des Prinzen Achmed (The Adventures of Prince Achmed) for the Goethe Institut with Drip. Caliph8 has also performed for the National Commission for the Arts and Culture, curated by Tengal with SABAW Art Projects. Recently, he collaborated with Germany’s The Teichmann Brothers and is now currently doing work in the studio with Pasta Groove.

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